›In Passing‹

Traci Kelly, ›In Passing‹

Traci Kelly, ›In Passing‹
Video-Projektionen auf den Fenstern sind von außen sichtbar.

Traci Kelly works with the body as material and site to contemplate her subjectivity and political emergence. She uses her politicised body to investigate tactility, resistance and vulnerable presence. Collaboration is a major strand of her approach, valued as a decentralising and contaminating prospect.

›In Passing‹ brings together a grouping of her solo and collaborative video works in which ephemeral gestures are witnessed by the elements and reach the camera’s eye.

Collaborative works filmed in the arid desert and the mists of a post-industrial landscape place the body as a temporal resounding feature within the topography, filtering and releasing gathered water. Solo works employ thicker substances that contact surfaces, revealing their sensual qualities, inviting the audience to drool, lick and dribble through their viewing.

Ausstellung vom 13.–23.Januar

Mittwoch–Freitag 16–19 Uhr, Samstag auf Anfrage
(, im Rahmen des Stuttgarter Filmwinters.