Live In Studios

Photos: Annette Kuhls,

Living and Studio Apartments

Around 20 female artists from varying artistic disciplines live and work within the two studio-apartment blocks at GEDOK Stuttgart affording exciting integrations that revolve around both living and the creation of artistic work; thereby, creating a stimulating atmosphere of interdisciplinary exchange in which encounters can flourish to communally galvanise the residents of varying age.

The basic architectural principle of the GEDOK house is modularity. On the upper floors of the main house there are the north, street facing rooms, each having appreciable even work light. The south facing rooms have a kitchenette, a loggia with a panoramic view. Some have their own bathroom. The garden level has high studio rooms, a recessed second level and direct access to the garden. Everything is connected by an invitingly airy, glazed, stairwell upon which people might easily cross paths.

Anyone applying for a studio should stand behind the goals of the association and also help to maintain the liveliness of the house and the atmosphere of exchange.