Strasbourg / France

Artist in residence as part of the Residence Croisees of the City of
Strasbourg: Since 2010, the City of Strasbourg and the City of Stuttgart
has conjointly supported artists that wanted to realise creative
projects in their respective partner cities. The ongoing program of
residencies is intended to promote mobility and exchange between
European artists.

The 3-month stay gives the German artists the opportunity to realise a
project within the city of Strasbourg and the Haute école des arts du
Rhin (HEAR) art school. The French artists live and work in one of two
guest studios at GEDOK Stuttgart.

The twinship with Strasbourg:

HEAR: The ›Haute école des arts du Rhin‹ was created in January
2011. Following the merger of the ›École supérieure des arts décoratifs‹
in Strasbourg; with the ›École supérieure des art‹ in Mulhouse; and,
the ›Académie supérieure de musique‹, also in Strasbourg, the
amalgamation has evolved into one of the most important universities of
the arts (visual arts, design, music) in France.

CEEAC: Founded in 1987, the CEEAC promotes contemporary art in Alsace by supporting its creation and its dissemination.

The selected artists (1 grant per call for proposals) receive:

In return, the artists are expected to:

In return, the artists are expected to:

Application requirements:

List of artists:

Claude Horstmann

Solene Bouffard

Josephine Kaeppelin

Julia Wenz

Eva Schmeckenbecher

Clothild Anty

Elise Alloin

Gabriela Oberkofler

Audry Ohlmann

Marianne Mispelaerer

Christina Schmid

Ute von Heubach

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Clara Cornu

Caro Krebietke

Martina Geiger-Gerlach

Florina Leinß